The Polish Multiple
Sclerosis Society (PTSR)

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is the only Polish non-governmental member organisation of people living with multiple sclerosis, their families and friends. The society was founded in 1990 and obtained the status of a public benefit organisation in 2004. It associates about 6 thousand members in more than 28 divisions all over Poland and cooperates with local organisations engaged in helping disabled people as well as with the associations of people living with MS in Europe and other continents. As PTSR is a member of the European Multiple Sclerosis Platform and the Multiple Sclerosis International Federation, it represents Polish people living with MS on the international forum.

The Polish Multiple Sclerosis Society works to improve the quality of life of about 45 thousand patients and their families, as well as to increase the access to the state-of-the-art therapies and comprehensive solutions in the sphere of rehabilitation. Its goal is to help Polish people living with MS lead a decent life.


Polskie Towarzystwo
Stwardnienia Rozsianego

moday-friday 8:00 - 16:00
tel. +48 22 241 39 86
Fax +48 22 354 60 26

KRS: 000 008 33 56
REGON: 006237795
NIP: 526-16-73-344

Our activities

  • Branches and Circles

    Our branches and circles organise local group rehabilitation initiatives, physical rehabilitation at patient’s home, social rehabilitation, self-help support groups as well as psychological support, legal services, meetings with doctors and rehabilitation specialists and issue brochures and magazines. Meetings organised by the branches and circles give opportunity to make friends and build emotional bonds.

  • Social Campaigns

    Our information policy is conducted on wide scale. Through social campaigns, charity concerts and cooperation with mass media we improve the awareness about MS and bring to the attention of the Polish society the everyday problems of people living with MS.

  • Publications

    We publish brochures, books and leaflets containing information about different aspects of life with MS, coping with symptoms and other issues. All publications are offered free of charge and distributed among people living with MS, their families and friends.

  • Information Centre

    Within the framework of our association we conduct the All-Polish MS Help-Line and MS Information Centre where it is possible to receive information about the disease, its treatment, rehabilitation, as well as psychological and legal advice, recommendations of professional counsellor and where, moreover, one can order one of many books on MS.

  • Psychological Help-Line

    The Information Centre conducts the service of psychological counsellor supporting people living with MS in crisis situations also via telephone. We provide free support of qualified psychologists in order to meet needs of people living with MS facing limited access to such services (architectural barriers, lack of specialists, high costs of individual therapies).

  • Advocacy

    We have introduced the institution of MS Ombudsman to intervene and counsel in cases of discrimination of people living with MS.

  • Bank subaccounts for people living with MS

    We facilitate access to pharmacological drugs, treatment and measures to improve quality of live with MS and implement the Program of MS Treatment and Rehabilitation. We are running ca 800 subaccounts for our patients where they can collect money from different donations in order to finance the medical treatment and rehabilitation (the therapy reimbursed by the state is very limited in Poland).